Vanessa Braun

In the last years, I developed a sports routine that works best for me and keeps me fit, healthy and motivated. To keep it varied, I switch between Spinning, Running, and Pamela Reif workouts with or without weights. Since I live in LA, I also enjoy hiking in the mountains. Today I want to share with you my tips for a workout routine that keeps you consistent:


If you don’t have a consistent fitness routine yet, try a different kind of sport. This is how you find out what sport type you are and what you can imagine doing in the long run. Always ask yourself why you do it and what your goals are. The reason why I love my spinning bike and home workouts so much e.g is the fact that it is so effective. It saves me time and I don’t have to pack my sports bag to drive somewhere. 

No pressure:

My philosophy is to enjoy the workout itself and not so much which goal I want to achieve on what date. I made a conscious decision about making sport a part of my life forever because I experienced that it improves my life quality of far. Knowing this my urgency to work out comes naturally. I don’t have a schedule by the way, but I have a weekly goal of 3-5 workouts. Sometimes I do more, sometimes less. No pressure.


For me, a good morning workout is the best start to a new day! Why? Because you start the day fresh and with energy and can be proud of yourself that you have already accomplished something for yourself and for your health. Especially when you just started with a new routine, it will be easier for you to strengthen that habit when your battery is not empty after a long and exhausting day.

Try both though, I know many people who prefer the evening hours and are very successful with it.