Vanessa Braun

My experience is that people either love it or hate it. The fact is, that it wasn’t easy for me to get to the point where I would easily run 7 miles. Here are my tips to become the next Forrest Gump;)


The right music while running is such a Game Changer. Create yourself a playlist that is full of energy and pushes you. Trust me, you will know when the right song is on. Spotify also has good playlists already when you search for “Running motivation playlist’ e.g.

Running track:

Find a running track that you really love and can imagine doing more often in the future. The running track I found in LA and my old running track in Germany both have almost no traffic so I don’t have to stop at traffic lights all the time and just can focus on the run.


Carrying your phone in the hand the whole run or headphones that don’t fit right can be so annoying. Make sure that you are prepared and really can relax during your run. I always use my running belt where I store my phone, some money, and my keys, that’s it.

Good shoes:

Also, invest in the right shoes and get help in a sports store for it. It is not worth damaging your knees and the more miles you run, the more important that the shoes fit perfectly.