Vanessa Braun

Why I started with fascia training

Why I started with fascia training:

I do fascia training for three years now and love it. I use it as balance and relief to my fitness routine and can feel the effect immediately after my 20-minute session. I usually do the fascia massage 2-3 times a week and whenever I feel too much tension in my body e.g. in my neck. Here are five reasons to try it:

Instant massage effect and pain relief: 

Fascia training relieves muscle tension and pain that arises due to this tension. You must breathe regularly and deeply during training. In this way, you can relax more intensively and the full effect of the fascia training unfolds.

Improving mobility and hydration: 

Fascia consists mainly of water. With training, hydration is stimulated and the fascia remains supple. Waste products are removed more quickly and the body regenerates faster.

Better blood circulation: 

Fascia training improves blood circulation. As a result, the connective tissue is tightened, which is a nice optical side effect.

Take it everywhere: 

The Blackroll is easy to transport due to its size and weight. So she can go with you everywhere. And the independent training itself requires little space.

Fascia training for everyone:

Training with the Blackroll is also ideal for beginners. The right technique can be learned quickly.