About me

Lifestyle blogger

Hi, I am Vanessa Braun

Born and raised in Europe, Germany, Vanessa Braun started her career as a businesswoman in luxury real estate at the international company Engel & Völkers. Later on, she became a Key Account Manager for Germany’s Nr. 1 real estate platform ImmoScout24 and was responsible for managing over 150 of their biggest business partners.

In 2021, Vanessa who has dual citizenship moved to Los Angeles, California, and fully committed to her lifelong dream to become an entrepreneur and also was able to combine her creativity with her previous business experiences as a producer. Together with an amazing team, she has produced over 500 pieces of short and long-form content for social media in the last year that have resulted in over 100 million views and counting on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Together with her American boyfriend and business partner she created the brand “Mr. and Mrs. Global” which tells her personal love story, shares her travel adventures, educates people about how to have a healthy relationship, and entertains over 100.000 people and counting on TikTok daily.

She also is the Chief Creative Officer of the anti-bullying fitness brand #HaterzStayBack. As a nonprofit company, #HaterzStayBack raises awareness to help stop bullying and prevent suicide.

Currently, she is focusing on the growth of her international community and embracing being a blueprint/inspiration for other women around the globe who pursue a balanced lifestyle between family and career.